Las Vegas, Baby!

Well, Grandma.  This new blog is for you.

I hope you are happy!
I hope you are happy!

After failed attempts at blogging elsewhere, we’re going to start over with an invite only, if you know me you have privileged access to this space kind of blog.  Welcome!

This first post will be pictures from our trip to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago!  A few months ago John R. and I were at Rhombus Guys for his birthday.  We had been entertaining the idea of a road trip out to VA to visit our dear friends Nick&Lis when we realized that this just wasn’t possible for our work & life situations right now.  This led to brainstorming for shorter, more fiscally possible trips, which led us to Las Vegas, baby!  A few short months later we boarded a plane for our 4-day, first time flying/extended traveling together escapade.  John had prepped his one-quart liquids baggie with 1 oz whiskey bottles and our first lesson of the trip was that on Allegiant Air you can’t open/consume alcohol that you bring on the plane.

Our Hotel - Excalibur!
Our Hotel – Excalibur!

The second lesson of the trip is that John is much better at remembering to take pictures than I am.  He took photos of almost all the hotels on the strip at night and was always ready with his camera for a photo opportunity.  When he was driving, amongst participating in other ways, he reminded me to take pictures.  The first night we were there we went to a show – Jan (pronounced Yan) Rouven the Illusionist.  You can check some of his stuff out here.  He was an excellent entertainer and I was continually amazed.  The first night we also walked the entire strip at night to see all the lights.  There were tons of people and tons of little shops along the way, and we saw the Bellagio water fountain show which was pretty awesome.


Friday we checked out Fremont Street and the downtown/Old Vegas area.  We hit up the Mob Museum and also saw the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the History Channel’s Pawn Stars (so cool, right Grandma?!).  Our favorite experience by far was our Saturday outing 20 minutes outside of Vegas to Exotics Car Racing.  They have a race track and bring in various expensive cars that people only dream of driving and then match you up with a professional driver to instruct you in racing as many laps as you want around the course.  John rented a Ferrari F430 for 7 laps and I did a ride along with their professional drifter in a Corvette.  They set up cameras facing you in the car and facing the track and you can get an official video that records the whole experience, your speed, and your best lap time.  We highly recommend this.

One happy guy!
One happy guy!

After this we checked out Hoover Dam and made a quick stop at the official Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Tillman Memorial Bridge completed in 2010
Tillman Memorial Bridge completed in 2010IMG_20140913_133314247_HDR

Other lessons learned: the really cheap beer in Vegas is at the gas stations so go there first and the monorail makes feet happy after long amounts of walking and expensive taxi rides.   Food recommendations: Dick’s Last Resort Restaurant – “energetic servers dish out good grub, cold beer, and heaping helpings of sarcasm”, the food here was excellent and the atmosphere served entertainment purposes as well.  Pizza Rock – wood fire pizza, cheap drinks during happy hour, and located right next to the Mob Museum, they offer discounts/tickets for the museum.

our ride home
our ride home

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