{october favorites}

October flew by just like September.
Favorites for the month:

Starting out the month with a semi-last minute trip to San Antonio (yay for travel bugs!) for an Air Force Basic Training graduation for JR’s sis.  This included an unplanned overnight stay in Denver due to flight delays which led to Colorado brewed beer sampling, late night heart to hearts with a BFFL, and a very early morning flight.  It also included Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum, Lackland AFB ceremonies and tour, the San Antonio Zoo, and multiple trips to the Riverwalk.

October also brought a visit from a long lost friend codependent my FL BFFL.  Stag’s Leap, wedding crashing, ridiculous movies (now favorites), coffee, and car rides.  4 days of friendship-happiness of the BFFL caliber.

Pretty much immediately after that I moved.  A long-time coming yet still seemingly a last minute decision.  I decided to move at the very end of August but refrained from sharing the news too much until I could figure out living arrangements.  1.5 months later I was able to move into a new place and continue the job search I had been doing since May.  After multiple (and by multiple I mean too many to count) interviews for jobs I was both under and over qualified for, I received a call back for a new position at one of the places I interviewed for in an over-qualified manner.  They now had a position that would suit my skill set and was mine for the taking (without an interview, job posting, or any other process)! Before I knew it, 3 months of part time work and full time hustle was gone and I had a full time job again.  Though that whole process probably deserves its own post!


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