{happy new year}

The combination of moving in October, no internet at home, a new job, and the holidays resulted in a very lonely blog the last couple months, but here’s to a new year and a bit more balance (and the eventual gain of internet at home!).  January is the month for resolutions, right?  I won’t be posting all the details of my resolutions but here’s the bulk of them.  I like to divide my resolutions into categories.

1. Read a new book every month.
2. Research a new topic each month.
3. Take a class (i.e. sewing, clay slinging, self defense…)

1. Bring savings to $X.
2. Pay off car loan.
3. Windfall money to IRA.

1. Get a dog.
2. Go back to Vegas.
3. X.

I should probably just make the resolutions my Grandma makes every year: stop cussing and be nice (especially on the inside).

Here are some recipes we’ve been trying lately:
Zuppa Toscana
Chicken Parmesan (Classic)
– Calzones

Here are some projects I’d like to work on over the next year: homemade record player stand, homemade head board out of pallet wood, calligraphy, and creating heritage journal scrapbooks.

What are your projects, goals, or resolutions for the new year?  Happy 2015!


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