{Happy Weekending!}

weekend home

Here we are again at another weekend…this weekend I am trekking home 30 (measly) miles north. I spent four years going to school in southwest Florida, over 2,000 miles from home and the whole time, regardless of what my family or friends here may have thought, I always had it in me to make it back here. After college I moved to the town I am in now but I had a taxing job that required evenings and weekends of working which cramped my style. Then I moved 100 miles from home and while I had a job that was an 8am to 5pm, the extra 1.5 hours was just that: an extra 1.5 hours. Now, I am finally here again: 30 miles from home. This time with a job that is 8am-5pm. I’ve been to more of my brother’s basketball games in the past few months than in the past few years. I get to see my grandparents often. And sometimes my parents take me out for lunch randomly when they are in town. I love the feeling of family. This weekend’s schedule includes sleeping in, invite designing, woodworking with Grandpa, and family super bowl parties.   I hope your weekend is full of the rest you need and those you love!

From around the internet:
– A Beautiful Mess had a post about keeping plants alive that I loved.
– In local news – wood working endeavors
Dating Up at Verily
– And last but not least, an article on the season finale of Parenthood (spoiler alert).  Not sure if you poured over the last season like I did, but every Thursday night has been a  glass of wine and texting friends in Fargo, Chicago, and Naples as we all watched the show.

Happy Weekending!


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