A few years ago a dear friend and I started the tradition of making new year Birthday lists.  They took the form of Bucket Lists and we always picked out a theme for the year as well.  Some things we crossed over to the next list if we didn’t complete it.  24 was the year of We Are Young.  25 was Top of the World.  26 was On Our Way.  27 we’ve decided is Forever Young.

Because of these lists I’ve done the following things: ran a half marathon (and then 2 more), traveled to Denver to see a college friend and climb my first 14’er, tried making Julia Child’s french croissants, and wrote a short ‘book’ of memories from college for another friend (which took the form of a “Stories of Your Mother” addressed to her now 2 children, and started a tradition I hope to continue with a couple other dear friends).

I know lists aren’t everybody’s thing, but they have made the past few birthdays pretty fun.  Since my birthday falls so closely to the new year, it comes in a  combined new years/birthday list for me.  During the first couple years of lists we picked 12 things for 12 months of the new year, however, as years have passed we have both whittled our lists down because sometimes less is more.


1. Read a new book every month.
2. Research a new topic each month.
3. Take a class (i.e. sewing, clay slinging, self defense…)
4.  Bring savings to $X.
5. Pay off car loan.
6. Windfall money to IRA.
7.  Get a dog.
8. Go back to Vegas.
9.  X.


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