{February Book} American Sniper

weekend home

After going to the American Sniper movie with J, he set out for to rummage through the storage unit to find the book for me to read. Thankfully it was in a box right at the front (even if he didn’t look into that one until last). American Sniper became my February book. If you’ve seen the movie, or haven’t seen the movie, you should read the book. While I didn’t always appreciate the writing style, it’s not a book to worry about style: it’s a story being told. By the end of it, I was more hooked than in the beginning. The first half of the book has a very ‘popcorn’ style – Chris Kyle goes from story to story to story with very little connection between events. Perhaps this wasn’t intentional – simply the way it came out, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe that is meant to be part of the story. I know very little about serving our country directly. I’m thankful for the people who choose to serve our country because I understand what it’s worth. I’m blessed to be engaged to a man who served our country well and who has taught me more about the details of what that means. Perhaps at times of war, the ‘popcorn’ style is what life really feels like. Intense moments of action followed by wait, followed by intense moments of action and wait. The only thing stringing them together is the overall mission – all else, the course of events, the circumstances of countries at large, etc. is basically out of the individual soldier’s hands. This book is Chris Kyle’s story and any one who enjoys real, honest, good stories would like this book.  Hope you all have a happy weekend!


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