{scrap iron press}

scrap iron press

A few weeks ago I signed up for a local letter press and book binding workshop.  Last Saturday I walked into a beautiful little warehouse corner turned into a letter press workshop.  It perfectly fulfilled the image that comes to mind when you hear “letter press workshop”: very messy, coffee always brewing, things disorganized yet the instructors knew exactly where everything was.  The three of us who were there to learn were quickly let loose to search for all the font types we wanted in order to create our own little 8 page booklets.






We learned about things like “mind your p’s & q’s” and where “upper case” and “lower case” really came from.  Each of us also made sufficient mistakes to keep us in awe of how this was used for things like newspapers for so long.  It was a great day and a good reminder that a) you’re never too old to learn,  b) it’s so refreshing to learn from people who love what they do, and c) it feels good to try something new on your own and see what you find.  They graciously let me come back (to finish my project) and bring my camera to snap some photos.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


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