{conscious closets project}

IMG_0531Over the past few years I feel like the ‘theme’ of my life has been intentionality. At some point I was convicted that living intentionally is important – in as many aspects as is reasonable. The conviction has remained and it has formed the path I’m on. From buying a kayak because I sincerely wanted the hobby to trying to have a disciplined day to day schedule to running half marathons, I have so many great memories, more knowledge, and personal interests simply because I have decided to try and really live intentionally, let my actions speak louder than words, and really pursue the desires of my heart. Lately this has been seeping over into the realm of my wardrobe. After years in ‘professional work wear’ and a recent change to scrubs for work wear, I’ve decided to put a bit more thought into my closet and make it, as much as possible, full of clothes that I love to wear and that can be easily interchanged (and by full I mean smaller but only loved-clothes ;)). Most of the clothes I’ve gathered over the years only see a few wears a season because a) they don’t match a lot of things; b) I’m not crazy about them; or c) they don’t fit well. I’m finally cutting strings and getting rid of things I don’t wear, don’t like, or don’t fit. My goal now is to consciously put together a closet of clothes that I can wear and mix and match.

Phew. Long intro. Now the nitty gritty.

I guess the first step in all of this for me was deciding what kind of color palette more or less that I want to go with. This for me is a natural/neutral palette. I love blacks, denims, and grays. I’m building a wardrobe around these basic bottoms:

  • good pair of blue skinny jeans
  • black skinnies
  • black leggings

These are my happy places. My goal is mostly to have a wardrobe that a) can be dressed up or down; b) that fits well; and c) that begins taking consumerism out of my life. I know that we’re trained to not really feel like ‘enough is enough’, but I’m hoping by having interchangeable, timeless pieces that it’ll cut back on the urge to buy because “I feel like I have nothing to wear”. I’m also hoping that by creating a closet of only items that I love instead of just buying things to wear because they are cheap or on sale will cut back on the desire to drop dimes whenever there’s a big sale or I’m out window shopping.

Who knew I had so much to say about this? Not me.

If you’d like to join in, I’d love to hear your two cents! One of my personality quirks is that I can’t stand clutter – getting rid of clutter in the closet has been like lifting an unnecessary weight. What would your palette be? Do you love those unique pieces too much to let them all go?


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