{DIY} Office Table

This past week or so I ventured into the realm of desk making with my Pops.  This design was a conglomeration of my ideas for the space I was filling, p-inspiration, and the options left between those two things.  I wanted a nice desk top with a sleek bottom half.  I find the more drawers I have, the more I fill them.  The less drawers I have, the less I need them.

Tools Needed:


Sander – Circular Saw – Power Drill

Materials Needed
– (4) 1×6″ cut into desired length (mine are 40″)
– (2) 2×4’s cut into length to match width (4 boards on top was about 21 3/4″)
– 2″ wood screws
– (4) flanges
– (4) 24″ black pipes (1″ diameter; this would be adjustable to your desired height)
– (4) black iron t’s
– (2) 18″ black iron pipes
– Stains: Wood Stain, outdoor/metal stain (black, used on piping; could be any color), polyurethane top coating

 1. Cut wood to desired length.  I used dimensions based on the space I had.  I do wish I had made the desktop just a few inches longer, but overall I’m very please with 40″ for a top length.
2. Prepare pipe to be connected (I washed mine in warm water with vinegar).  After dry, connect piping.  *It took some Dad-Muscle to help twist the middle 18″ pipes in all the way and make them work for the length of the boards.
3. Layout your desktop boards together with the bottom boards facing up.  Attach your 2x4s to your desk boards by putting two screws on each 2×4 (on the 1st/4th boards, the outer boards).


This allowed us to flip the boards over and accurately put screws in from the top.
4. Measure & drill.  We staggered the screws in order to avoid splitting any boards and to make it sturdier.  (measurement note: the 2x4s were placed two inches in).
5. Flip that boy over and remove the bottom screws out of the 2x4s.
6. Attach pipes by attaching flanges to the 2x4s.
7. Stain as desired. Or paint.  Or leave.  Whatever you want for your space!


I love the finished look and the simplicity of the desk.  It has just the right amounts of rustic/wood feel and simple/modern.  This is going in our extra room/shared office area which already has John’s desk and a bookshelf, so the lack of bulkiness and extra drawers was just what I wanted.  The next project is the search for the perfect chair.  I’m hoping for a sleek, somewhat matching, simple stool that can easily slide under the desk.

IMG_0707The beginning of the rest of the area.  Both the cork board and the two drawer desk stand are from Target.  You can see the tag left on the drawer still – I’m still deciding!  It’s a bit bulkier than desired but I absolutely love how I can slide my laptop and case in the bottom drawer (and charge it).  I’m contemplating staining/painting the lamp black as well.  All I need is a few pictures and a good framed quote.  Here’s to making the apartment our home {from hands to heart}! More additions to come in over the next few weeks.  Happy Crafting!


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