{Lake Verimilion} a cabin on an island

IMG_0774On a cold day in January many months ago J & I paged through cabin after cabin to rent for our honeymoon after the wedding.  We ended up finding the most perfect little cabin on an island at Lake Vermilion.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with how perfect the cabin was for us!  We didn’t have much for phone reception and we didn’t really run into anyone the entirety of our time there.  It was the perfect way to spend time together as we entered into the sacrament of marriage.  IMG_0812The couple who rented the cabin before us was celebrating their 25th Anniversary and after hearing that us honeymooners were coming next, they went out and got us flowers to leave for us.


Some of the furniture in the cabin was homemade and I absolutely loved the doors and the different handles.  I couldn’t get over them!  Each one was a little different.

door1J&B SunsetThey had a beautiful spot at the point of the island with chairs set up to go and watch the sunset each evening.  Some of my favorite conversations took place here.

IMG_0779We only brought fancy whiskey and fancy wine for our stay.


IMG_0798We both caught fish.

IMG_0840And before driving back we spent half a day in this outfitters town, trying the local brews, checking out the paddles, and visiting the International Wolf Center.  After a crazy couple weeks and a bit of a whirlwind week back, we are finally getting settled (which means starting to cook again).


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