{besties} wood project 1 of summer 2015

besties #1

For part of the gift for my bridesmaids, I made each of them a wall hanging (or wall leaning if they choose!).  This was a very simple project to do, but I loved doing it for each of them!  I had 5 bridesmaids and I knew that the atlas of the world on a plaque would mean something different to each one of them.

besties #2

For Jess and Caitlin, I knew it would inspire to think large.  For Amanda, I knew it would encourage to keep traveling while she can (that girl loves getting  break from traveling she flies so much).  For Sarah and Kayla, I knew it would remind them to keep their own in this world.

besties #3The original project for this was on wood, but to suit styles of those I love I also made a couple on canvas.  This is a very easy DIY: cut wood to desired length (or choose canvas of desired size), stain/paint as desired.  I printed off a stencil of the world and used a razor pen to cut out the design.  I then laminated it for repeated use.  It would probably stand one painting if you are only making one, but I laminated because I knew I’d be painting at least 5 times.  Paint stencil on in desired paint/stain.  End with a  couple layers of polyurethane or finishing and attaching a wall hanging bracket to the back.

besties #4The wood I used for two of these (the first two guinea pig ones) was form some old siding that my dad had laying around.  I ended up giving one of these to my Grandma and one to my sister.  I loved the wood with character (knots, not perfect, etc.).  For the rest I purchased wood at Lowe’s.   This could easily be done with different stencils – for your state, letters, quote, etc., as well as with different colors of stain and paint.  I’ve been excited to share this one but waiting til after the big day so I could give them to my girls first!

What projects have you been working on lately?  Happy Making!


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