{July Book} Go Set A Watchman

go set a watchman

I had high hopes of getting my June read in regardless of our wedding but didn’t even get around to picking out a book before the big day.  At our gift opening my dear friend Rands gave us a beautiful home made gift and then added in my favorite book East of Eden. I had given it to her to read and she returned it in the best possible way a loved book should be returned: creased cover, pages bent, thoroughly consumed.  I took this book with us on our honeymoon to re-read for the third time and am still working my way through it.

During July I took a break to get in on all the hoopla surrounding Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman.  I read this book mostly while traveling to Nashville.  I loved reading it and still love the character Scout.  Not sure what I think about all the questions of true author-ship and what not, but I enjoyed reading about Jean Louise and her “coming into adulthood” in her own way at 26.  Definitely worth reading if you haven’t yet!

August’s book is TBD – any recommendations welcome!

Happy reading!


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