{Road Trip Recap} I Believe in Nashville

Life has been a whirlwind since getting back from my road trip a couple weeks ago.  At the end of July I flew one way to Nashville to road trip back North with my dear friend Jess as she moved back to the area.  We spent not-even 48 hours eating, drinking, and hiking our way through Nashville.  Stops included the Listening Room, Pinewood Social, Barista Parlor, Yazoo Brewery, Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar, and Burger Up.

the listening roombarista parlor nash

yazoo brewery 1

Before leaving Nashville we also hiked 9 miles (to prep for our 9 hour drive to Chicago).

nashville hike

Our next stop was Chicago for not-even 48 hours where our time was sufficiently filled with the best of BFFL time: staying in, drinking wine, talking into the wee hours and repeat.  Jess & I have both been to Chicago so all we were concerned with were spending some quality time with our good friends Grace & Tara.

chicago 2 chicago“People don’t take trips – trips take people.”
John Steinbeck


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