from the Crooks Kitchen…{gin coolers}

gin coolers - crooks kitchen

I realize we already had the first official day of Fall, but the warm weather last week had me craving end of summer drinks over pumpkin spice lattes right now.  I’m sure that will change quickly here in North Dakota!

My good friend Jess found this drink, at TGIFriday’s I believe, during a layover on her way here for my wedding in June.  It was a Hendrick’s cooler at the restaurant, but we modified and here is how we make it.

end of summer drink - gin coolers

First you have to muddle a cucumber slice for each glass.  Add the muddle cuke and ice to each glass (best case scenario is your glass is chilled and then you add ice).  Next we’re adding the gin (1.5 oz) and the Lemon Drop Martini mixer (a little less than 1 oz) to the glass.  Add sprite to the top.  Mix & garnish with a slice of cucumber, then enjoy!  Here’s to the end of a good summer and the start of a good Fall!


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