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It’s the time of year when it’s crisp and cool at night, when the days are getting shorter (and all of a sudden it’s 7am but it’s still dark out, and I have to get ready for work??), when it warms up during the day but we all know winter is coming.  It’s the tail end of beet harvest and I’m sure many are eagerly awaiting a smooth finish – whether you’re people on the roads, “harvest widows”, or farmers themselves.  I work at a clinic where we have anywhere from 40 to 100 patients in a day.  The average is 50 to 75.  As can be imagined, comments on the weather are quite common.  My favorite so far this season came from an old, hard ass University professor.  “Staying warm out there,” I asked.  “Oh – it’s all relative,” she replied, spoken like a true North Dakotan.  Here is an excellent article we found this week on Farmers.

Last weekend we celebrated my sister-in-law’s wedding.  It was a simple but beautiful ceremony, followed by a reception and dance at the Vintage Garden.  We had a great, long weekend celebrating with them.


This weekend I made White Bean Chicken Chili, in response to Ashlie’s post.
I enjoyed this article – good reminder about the perks of working for the man.
And I’m planning on trying out this Apple Ginger Tarte along with a new Taste of Home Recipe this weekend.  Happy Friday, everyone!


3 Replies to “{life lately}”

  1. Soup is good year round… But especially delicious in the fall:) I also made a white chicken chili this week, so tasty! Did you make a side dish? We had corn bread which complimented quite well!

    1. Hey! I agree – crisp cool air makes soup better! A while back I made homemade buns so I pulled a few of those out of the freezer for our side. Corn bread sounds good!!

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