simple living {the sunday drive}

living in the moment

Last week I read an article that listed the Sunday Drive as one of the hallmarks of times past and that it is slowly fading out.  Not many people, let alone families, pack up everyone in the vehicle and make leisurely strolls on Sundays anymore.

This weekend J & I decided to do just that – in the name of house hunting.  It was a warm fall day for North Dakota – reaching the sixties, yet the deep reds, yellows, and oranges were in full swing.  We’ve been married now 4 months.  It’s funny how you enter new phases all of a sudden.  You are jus there: all in at once.

People talk a lot about the first year of marriage and its ups and downs and whatnot.  While it’s always nice to talk with people who have similar experiences or to share and feel understood, it’s also nice to just throw expectations out the window and experience your own life.

In July I road tripped cross country with a good friend and we stayed in Chicago for a couple days, visiting other dear friends.  One night the four of us went out to eat sans husbands/kids.  I was asked about the transition into married life and Tara chimed in after I finished and said: “I just wish people didn’t say so much about the first year being so hard! That’s all I heard as we prepared for marriage, but our experience was so different.  It wasn’t super hard or up and down, but I felt like I was always waiting for something to happen.  It’s okay for people to have their own experiences, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for everyone.”

I was so happy Tara shared so honestly because things really are different for each person and each couple.  The last four months for us have been pretty normal.  Our Sunday drives and walks with Rue, quiet days and making decisions together.  Learning how to communicate and remembering to laugh together.  These have been the things that I feel we needed to focus on and have been some of my favorite things.

Different seasons of life seem to have a different focus – and lately all I can think of is the importance to keep things simple, work hard, and be present to those you love.  So much can change so quickly.  Hope you all are enjoying where you’re at and remembering the good things!  Here’s to pretty Fall days, good (and healthy!) family, and having only what you need!


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