{small things}

I’m coming to realize that each week there are a handful of small things that make me happy and remind me to pursue (and hold on to) the simple things.  I’ve also come to realize that it is far too easy to spend more time focusing on the negatives, the problems, or the hard things to figure out.  {small things} will be a weekly series here to remind me to find and cherish the good things in day to day living.  I’m hoping that you’ll share your small things in the comments – Lord knows we all need encouragement!  This week’s small things…

twenty five dollar wineMy husband accidentally bought me a $25 bottle of wine – What can you do? I asked him to pick me up a cheap bottle of cabernet and he thought it was the cheapest there!  I’ve been slowly savoring each sip of cabernet and kicking myself.  Like he said – you shouldn’t have told me there were cheaper or I would’ve always bought the $25 bottle.

Date Night – Before we were married we had a weekly date night on Wednesdays.  We’re both home bodies and generally prefer cooking in to dining out, so after we got married we didn’t dedicate too much time or energy to a set aside date night since we’re both home most nights and take turns cooking.  But this week we decided to order pizza in, eat without screens, play games together, and indulge in our weekly date night drink: Bull Dogs. It was a refreshing evening to unplug and spend some QT (quality time) together.

cribbage - simple things

Rue is better! Rue was sick at the tail end of last weekend and into the week, so we were both thankful that she got better on her own and didn’t have to be taken to the vet. Just a few nights of having to get up with her in the middle of the night makes me thankful she’s feeling better!

rue - simple things

Getting Up 15 Minutes Earlier – Two days this week I got up 15 minutes earlier than normal.  Not only did this allow me extra time to savor my morning cup(s) of coffee, but it helped me feel more refreshed and prepared to go to work.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like a different person without my down time!

All of these things really made my week but they’re all just small things and they almost slipped past without my noticing.  What are the small things you’re grateful for?


2 Replies to “{small things}”

  1. Enjoying made-from-scratch pumpkin pie all week. And pumpkin spice latte delivery from the husband 😊

    I need to do something like this, to keep the perspective…Good inspiration!

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