{small things} puppy lessons edition

barnseville days 2

If you want to do something for a person’s character, consider getting them a puppy.  We have been puppy parents now for almost four months and there are many things I’ve learned.  Things like puppies lose their teeth, can get car sick because their ears aren’t fully developed and their balance is off, and how to properly train one (or attempt to anyway).  But I’ve also been learning other things as well.  Things like… patience is man’s best friend.  And it takes a lot of impatience to get there for some people (just ask my husband…or my father).  Things like… THINGS {as in material objects} are just that – material objects – no matter how great. Dogs don’t really differentiate between old shoes and North Face boots, etc.  (These words were written before Rue chewed up my laptop power cord – which is also the reason for the delay in the post.) Having a puppy who ruins things really keeps the perspective.  Collect memories, not things.  Things like…Homecoming. It’s really true that dogs go all crazy when you get home, even if you’ve only been gone 20 minutes.  What a good reminder to make your home your sacred space and to greet your loved ones as they should be greeted each day.

This week’s small things sans photos (trying to save battery life here until the new cord comes :))

Starting a New Job – I’m grateful to be starting in a new position as the same company this past week, and grateful for those at work who believe in my capabilities.  My previous position was a bit stressful working with people constantly.  This position is much less people and much less stressful (the stress is a different form, but that’s okay).
Getting a New Brother in Law (to be) – This past week my youngest sister Sarah got engaged!  We are so happy to be welcoming another brother in law to the crazy Barclay fam!  Each man who married in is so different which makes for some great memories at family get togethers.
Pride of Dakota – As mentioned last year: three generation traditions, homemade goodies, shopping with carts, taste testing, quality family time, and christmas ideas.  Some small things never change and this is a good thing.

What were your small things this past week?  How does your life teach you patience?  What traditions do you treasure, even if they are small?


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