{one year ago}

One year ago today J and I got engaged, and as of yesterday we’ve been married for 6 months! It’s been a year of new adventures, combining, and growth. Last year we decided to exchange our Christmas gifts and have a nice meal together before actual Christmas so that we could take the time to really enjoy each other before going to spend time with both of our families. We decided to do the same things this year and slated yesterday as our ‘Early Christmas.’

christmas mess

We started out our evening with our gift exchange and this included letting Rue have a little fun (pictured above). Pretty sure she would have been happy with a bag full of tissue paper and nothing else. She was going nuts with all the paper.

rue puppy

After our gift exchange we got all gussied up and headed out for a night on the town! We went driving around to look at all the Christmas lights. This included a slow, winding drive down my favorite street in town. Historic, old Belmont. We love looking at all the houses and the character that comes with each one! Our drive ended when we hit downtown and the new Sky’s Cloud 9. We knew it would be snazzy but we didn’t know how much! We expanded our palettes with some chicken liver mousse served with absolutely delicious, fresh, warm baguette slices. Our meals were excellent, too! Grilled Salmon for him and VooDoo Pasta for her. We left with full bellies, a night of excellent service over looking downtown, and plenty of leftovers!

J+B Christmas

J and I don’t go out to eat to sit down restaurants too often, so we always enjoy a good experience when we do! I love traditions, but I love intentional living even more – combine those two things and my heart is full. Making time to create memories and enjoy each other is an important thing to do with those you love. It can be easy to over look with all the hustle and bustle going on that our consumerist culture promotes and with the pinch of extra spending for holiday gifts and travels. I hope this season brings you all sorts of things to be thankful for, memories made with families and friends, and daily reminders to slow down and enjoy life!

Merry (almost) Christmas!


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