{happy new year!}

flutes from uncle dick

Here we are again, at the end of one year and the start of a new one. It’s natural to reflect on both during this time of the year – both as a way to be grateful and truly savor experiences past as well as looking in preparation and anticipation for things to come.

2015 was a big year around here!
it started out with being engaged
I turned 27
I moved twice
I changed jobs multiple times and finally ended in a good one
I was showered with love from friends and family
which was followed by the best bachelorette party ever
I started using a power saw regularly
I adventured with my sister in law along the North Shore
We caught our limits at Lake of the Woods
we bought a boat and fished a lot
I became a Crooks
and we honeymooned on a lake we still talk about
we became puppy parents 
I became a Nashville believer
I started getting paid to write
Potato Days with my sister in law, husband, and mother in law
my sister in law got married and threw a great party 
we started our house search
my sister got engaged
we celebrated our first holidays together as a married couple.

We also tried a lot of new recipes, read a lot of books, and are just beginning our adventures in married life. 2015 leaves us with full hearts.
While I’m always up for a good list and love to find things to do, my new year’s resolutions this year really will be new for me. The more I’ve thought about the idea of resolutions and making a list, the more I’ve decided that I’m only going to give this year a theme instead of a list. In 2016 I’ve decided to focus simplicity. I’m hoping by choosing one thing to focus on, it’ll take root and make changes in all areas of my life. I’m hoping to simplify from my mindset to my schedule to my possessions. The by-product of simple living that I’m aiming for is to be more present and embrace my life as it is. Here’s to 2016, everyone!

Happy New Year!

happy new year!.jpg


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