re*solve / re’zalv/ verb: gerund or present participle: resolving
1. settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter)
2. decide firmly on a course of action


While it’s easy to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, it can be hard to actually resolve {decide firmly on a course of action}. By now, the 9th day of January, gym attendance has probably already dropped off and by the end of January many lists will probably go by the wayside altogether.

I’ve already mentioned that this year I’m using a different approach for the new year’s resolutions. Instead of making resolutions, or lists of actions to do, I’m focusing on becoming a resolved or resolute person. This year I have it in me to make my life simpler. I’ve resolved to parsing down the day to day and embrace the simple. The small things. The little ins and outs of daily living that aren’t the ‘big things’ but always end up to be the ‘big thing’ in the end, you know what I mean?

I’ve also mentioned around here about keeping the most important things at the forefront. It’s with that spirit that I embark on a year of simple living. My hopes are that because I won’t have a list of actions to check off that I’ll focus more on accepting where I’m at, living more homemade and sustainable, and appreciating the gifts there are in the present moment.

With this resolution I’ve decided to regularly parse through all my/our belongings (J’s involved, whether he wants to be or not ;)). The end game here is to keep our belongings from growing with unused, unnecessary, and unloved items.

That being said we started with our kitchen this year. Last weekend we poured through every cupboard. We took all our kitchen items out. We rearranged. We got rid of the duplicates and the unused. It was an afternoon full of “Do you use this?”, “Do we have two (or more) of those?”, and “Do we need this?”. Our kitchen is now more organized and we also have a fresh idea of what is in our stock and what we’d like to add. Since our kitchen opens to the living room, we’ve also ‘started’ on that. Though there is less here to get rid of (we use the couch, coffee table, rug and TV ;)), part of what I am keeping in mind is finding appropriate ‘homes’ for everything. Who wants boxes full of junk or drawers filled with useless items? Who wants things lying all over? It’s easy to think simplifying means “get rid of” but we’re viewing it more as finding the appropriate place for our belongings (and keeping things as only things).

our current reads area.. smithsonian, darling, and HGTV magazinesโ€ฆthe astronaut wife’s club, the wright brothers, and 13 soldiers.

These efforts led us to finally getting a DVD stand. This serves multifold for us as it a) gathers all our DVDs in one spot; b) cleans the area under the TV up; and c) my favorite, it frees up the book shelf where we had them and which J has generously designated for me.

While all of this is probably too much information on such simple things, part of my simple living is intentional living and this is a good place to document the thought process. I’d love to hear your thoughts on simple living and ways to make it possible in our technological, busy, materialistic culture!

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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful”

Happy weekending!



2 Replies to “{resolving}”

  1. You are most inspiring, sister ๐Ÿ˜

    Here’s a Simple Living: House Edition tip: Don’t be overcome by the urge to fill every part of your new found space, just to fill the space and make it look ‘lived in’ right away (because trust me, the desire is strong initially). If you are not inspired by a space right away, it’s okay to leave it empty until inspiration hits. Your home is your world away from the world, so make it a space you have put together with love and thoughtful decisions. Also, as you know, homemade and handmade make the spaces that much more special!

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