{Arizona} our trip + our tips

arizone 4 - us.jpg

We made it back to the frigid cold from our trip to AZ last weekend and I’m still cherishing the simple memories made during our time with my family.

The last time I visited my grandparents in Arizona was in 6th grade. They’ve spend winter months down there forever and it was so good to a) go back to AZ now that I’mΒ older, b) meet everyone in their park community, c) do what they do (i.e. Bingo, bean bags, cards, sequence, eat 3 meals a day), and d) spend time with them and my sister and brother-in-law. In short we: spent hours playing various games, checked out a large flea market (bust), went to Organ StopΒ (a cool pizza place where the entertainment is a ginormous organ with musical instruments all around who plays requests), we experienced Fountain Hills, had some craft beer at Two Brothers, and of course checked out the Casino scene.

arizona 1 - big van.jpg

arizona 2 - flea market.jpg

arizona 3 - bags.jpg

arizona 5 - bean bags.jpg

our travel tips:
– keep your expectations low whenever traveling {our flight was delayed from 11:30am until 3:15pm to leave for Arizona – missing out on much desired fun in the sun}
– buy snacks and eat one big meal a day {for quite some time whenever J and I travel, this becomes what we fall into: packing good breakfast bars, buying a few local snacks, and trying one restaurant for a big meal throughout the day; cheaper than eating out every meal and feeling like you overate, too}
– if possible, buy your tickets and rooms ahead of time {it gives you time to take care of those expenses while saving up for activity expenses and feels like less of a hit}
– we also always bring books – nerds, we are! {this trip I consumed The Astronaut Wives Club on the way back}

Happy Friday and Happy Trails!


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