{small things} sacrifices

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Lately I’ve been inspired by the new-to-me blog the Elysian Edit and her post on Resolutions. {The short of it: sometimes it’s easy to think that our resolutions are meant to make us into someone else. It’s much better to wrap up your resolutions in allowing your true self to come forward and make an effort to always be the best version of yourself.}

Lately I’ve been inspired by Dirtbag Darling’s post on Resolutions. {The short of it summed up in one quoted sentence: “I try not to make resolutions because I want every day to be a chance to better myself, to change the world, and to have one hell of a good time.”}

Lately I’ve been inspired by Mark Manon’s The Most Important Question of Your Life.  {The short of it: instead of asking what is my purpose or what will make me happy? Ask what is it that I’m willing to sacrifice for?  Knowing which sacrifices you’re willing to make will guide you to what life, career, relationship, etc. will make you happy.}

Over the past few weeks there have been so many small things I’ve been grateful for!
Here is just a short list:

Traveling to Arizona – It was so great to spend time with family that we don’t usually get to see – my grandparents and my sister and brother-in-law who live in NE. They are some of the family who we spend the least amount of time with, so it was that much sweeter to have the memories of our trip! It was also a nice break from our regular schedules, especially in the heart of winter.

A Visit from Old Friends – This weekend our good friends Nick & Lis (the Nick and Lis who set us up years ago!) were in town. Lis and I hit up a local coffee shop for a few hours to catch up and then they came over for supper last night and stayed for hours. It’s so refreshing when you have friends that you can just pick up with where you left off no matter the last time you talked. They’re expecting their first baby this summer and just bought a house in the Fall – so much to catch up on!

Great News from Family – We found out this past week that my uncle is officially cancer free! It’s been such a whirlwind for their family since September when he was diagnosed with AML. Many prayers and his positive (and stubborn) attitude to get better have been answered. We can’t wait to celebrate with them this weekend as we have a big benefit for them!

Rue’s First Run – There’s nothing like kicking off the start of marathon training with 22 degree weather, ice, snow, and your 65 lb puppy’s first run!

How was your weekend and what have your small things been?


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