{Our Life with Rue} 8 months

8months - rue running

Even before John and I were engaged we had talked about the type of dog we would have. For me, it’s always been a dog that can go running with me. This past month Rue and I defeated 20 degree temperatures, ice, snow, and cabin fever three times. Each time I came home with a happy tired puppy. This past month was also Rue’s first trip to doggy daycare. 9am to 5pm and while we don’t know exactly what happened in there, we imagine Rue being unable to stop playing with the other dogs. This is mostly because of Rue’s personality and also because she zonked out when we brought her home and slept pretty much the whole time until the morning. Might not be a bad idea every once in a while… I can think of no casualties this month, so after 8 months either we’ve grown quick enough to catch Rue or I’m starting to care less. Either way is fine for me!


4 Replies to “{Our Life with Rue} 8 months”

  1. Cute dog. My husband and I also discussed endlessly about the kind of dog we would get. A running dog was a must. Finally we picked out a beautiful little rat terrier. She is our pride and joy. Dogs bring so much love into our lives, don’t they?

    1. Yes – they really do! I had no idea until we got ours. My husband grew up with having so many different dogs and we never had any! I never realized how much they would teach me! Thanks for commenting! I’ll start looking to your blog for running encouragement – looks like you keep busy!

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