One Month into a Simple{r} Year

9:6 barnesville days

I am one month into my simple{r} year and thought I better make an update to keep me accountable. Isn’t accountability a beautiful thing? It’s a place to acknowledge both growth and failure, strengths and weaknesses, but from a safe place where the only aim is a greater self awareness.

So, one month in, here we are. J and I have gone through our entire kitchen and got rid of / donated duplicates, unneccessaries, and unused items. In efforts to both eat healthier and stick to a budget, we’re making strides in proper grocery shopping and using what we have…funny what a little motivation can do. And lastly, I invited a good friend of mine over, poured the wine, and tried on every piece of my clothing for her with the goal being to have a close filled only with items that I love and can mix and match well with the rest of the items. {Noted Requirements: 2 bottles of wine, a good pandora station, and a friend who knows you well enough to say, “a-hem, what’s the goal here?”

It was a fun night with a friend and also a good step for me> i now have a list of items to keep an eye out for and only things I wear and love in my closet. This was something on my list for a long time and while I wanted to keep some things until I could replace it first, my friend’s words were perfect: “You can find and buy that item in no time so get rid of that stained / old / holed / item you don’t love.”

While I know this year for me means cutting down on things that I’ve grown accustomed to and focusing on intentional living (instead of consumerism), a big part of what I want this year to be is learning how to think and live simply (a concept beyond ‘things’). One way I’ve been trying to do this is by focusing on being present in the moment. We’re all trained to keep a mental or virtual or actual list of to do’s, trained to be busy, trained to feel like failures in different ways (or perhaps tempted to when we don’t “live up” to expectations).

Part of my way of fighting this is identifying the areas where I regularly get frustrated or feel anxious or pinched in day to day living. As cute as Rue is and as much as I love her, it’s pretty easy to get frustrated or annoyed with I’m trying to do something and she has too much energy, wants to go outside, or wants my attention. I’m tempted to view it as an interruption but I’m becoming more and more convinced that reoccurring frustrations should be dealt with or perspectives need to be changed.

Living simpler for me over the past month has meant embracing the ‘interruptions’. No simple life, regardless of how constructed, can get rid of interruptions and inconveniences. Instead of getting annoyed or playing the turn-game with my husband, I’ve been trying to embrace taking care of Rue and giving her what she needs. The mental energy alone that I have saved has made my life so much easier. Why would I allow such a small thing to have such power or control over me? It’s easy to – there are so many things in life like this – small things, really, in the grand scheme, but so energy sucking for a good, simple homegrown life.

As the year goes on, I hope to continue finding ways where I can change my mindset and change my life. Thanks for reading along!

{live simply, work with your hands, mind your own affairs}

“An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered”
-G.K. Chesterton

*photo in memory of little Jack and good times this past summer together*



4 Replies to “One Month into a Simple{r} Year”

  1. Agreed! Living in the moment is so hard! I am reading a book called “the best yes” and it is all about the “simple distractions” being what God has called us to do. And to simplify our lives so we can be attuned to God’s voice. Love you Bec! Thanks for posting! 😘

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