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Every year for the past four years I have made a list on my birthday of 12 things (or so) to complete in the following year. These lists have varied from practical things {like save X amount of money or pay off my car} to semi-crazy things {like go skydiving or run a half marathon}. Regardless, these lists have become small bucket lists challenging me to greater things and calling me into unknown waters. The older I get the more I see the adventures that come inΒ day-to-day living and an intentional lifestyle. The adventures of growing or making something on your own; of creating a home; of being in a relationship with another person you’ll never be able to fully know yet taking the plunge anyway. The adventures of making travel happen and keeping friendships alive. The adventures of learning about the world around you and your family – history, heritage, skeletons and all! This year I’ve decided (in keeping with the theme of my news years resolution) that instead of making a list of things to do or complete, I’m going to make a list of 12 words.

Not words to use more, but words to be more.

As a lover of words I believe that words can change you. So, if I’m even half as successful at the following list as I have been with my other lists over the years, I’m hoping I’ll end 28 as a better person. 12 words for 28:


Here’s to 28 and all the adventure it will bring! Cheers!


4 Replies to “{twenty-eight}”

  1. Love it. And what an interesting observation about our goals as we get older. You make it sound like it’s not such a bad thing to leave those younger years behind and see what’s next 😏

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