{happy moving weekend!}

moving photo 1

Happy Valentine’s Moving Weekend!

After a month of packing and excitement, one trip to the bank on Friday, and plenty of help from family and friends we made it into our new home this weekend! The Homeowner’s Club welcomed us on our first night by giving us one faulty garage door opener and a leak to fix. It’s definitely official.

moving 2
The whole fam, cleaning on our first night. 

Thankfully we don’t really observe Valentine’s Day. We both feel it’s a bit of a hallmark holiday that’s focused on spending money, however, we’re also the couple who finds many reasons to celebrate so celebrate as you wish! We both try to keep in mind that the love, thoughtfulness, and intentionality that some put into Valentine’s Day should be spent equally on day-to-day living, if not more so. Finding ways to truly appreciate your significant other, make them feel known and loved, and putting the other before yourself are all challenges we must face each day.

There’s also an aspect of love that requires spending time working on yourself. Whether it’s giving yourself the appropriate amount of silent time or learning a new hobby or skill, relationships are made up of two people growing together. Growth individually and growth together. Each couple is different and while there’s a lot of relationship advice out there, I think it’s best for each couple to take away the small nuggets of wisdom that work for them and not worry about becoming ‘that’ couple.

I’ve read some great articles out there about the topic and am happy to share them here!
Marriage According to 10 Couples on IHOD
Do We Need New Love Songs? on Darling
Something That We Do on Chasing Oneday (which holds special meaning for being our wedding song!)

celebrating moving.jpg
We like our celebratory champagne cheap and whiskey fancy! 


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