{home tour} life at the 809


A couple weeks ago, J & I closed on our first home! It all came together when we least expected our house searching to end. We’ve finally joined the ranks of weekend warriors who spend their free time with projects around the house ๐Ÿ™‚ Our house was built in 1948. We love so many things about it – especially that it isn’t a cookie cutter house.

Our back entry way was a little stuffy with the 2nd door on there so we’ve already taken the door off the hinges and placed it in the basement for a future projectโ€ฆ there are a ton of added hooks on dark stained wood and we love it!
It’s a cute little kitchen. Eventually we’ll do some updating here that involves new counter top and new paint.
We don’t really like the carpet in the dining area, however, it’s hard wood underneath and our high top table for four fits perfectly!
The living area is a decent size and the far wall in here is a faux brick which looks nice! We’ve both agreed on a color for this room and are planning to paint it next.
We love all the arches. The wallpaper has had it’s day and we’ve already gone to town on taking that down.ย 
Our bedroom. โค Again – hardwood under the carpet that will see the light of day and the wallpaper is already on it’s way down.ย 
Our extra room will be an office for now. Fondly referred to asย the “blue room.”ย 
We’ve already painted the bathroom – a dull grayish-blue above the tile and the vanity has been repainted an off-white. We’ve added hooks , cleaned the grout, and learned that the bathroom light doesn’t work when you use the outlet plug ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
Downstairs we have a great cellar. We’ll use this for our larger kitchen items, stocked good, and eventually as a wine cellar.ย 
This is the big room downstairs. It isn’t finished but we’re using it mostly to hold our storage items now until we can mozy our way through all our belongings and find spots.ย 

We’ve both been learning a lot as we get acquainted with our new home. I love the old glass door knobs, all the built in hooks they added everywhere, the faux brick wall, and the cozy-ness of it all. I’m already planning our garden for this year and glad we moved before Spring so I’ll get a chance to green-thumb it our first year here. I’m sure many little projects will be featured on the blog from here on out!



2 Replies to “{home tour} life at the 809”

  1. So exciting Bec!! Thanks for sharing your new house with us! I love it!! That pink carpet is so characteristic of houses from that time period! So funny! Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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