{from house to home} our bathroom makeover!

a bad before picture. however, do note the gold detail on the vanity. this was the night that we got the keys to the house when we took pictures before doing anything.
bathroom 3

bathroom 1

bathroom 4

bathroom 5
Ring holder β„… my sister πŸ™‚ Love it. Worthy of permanent display.Β 

Our first home makeover project was our bathroom. Mostly because it is the smallest room and it was the easiest to agree to a color on! We chose a color called nautical star, which is a grayish blue color. To start our project, we had to take down the window shades (permanently!) and added a hook to make the bath into a shower. The bathroom has tiling on the bottom half, making it a top half of the room paint job. We also put a fresh coat of white on the trim, the hanging cupboard, and the vanity. Once that was taken care of, we added hooks on the wall and updated the faucet and all the knobs. We’d love to gut the bathroom and do it over, but we’re happy with our cozy little updated bathroom for now!

Things We Learned:
– Think twice about using anchors in a wood vanity (not needed and prevents many curse words on my part). Our toilet roll kit included anchors and I should have thought it through before going to town drilling holes that would work. πŸ™‚
– Replacing a faucet takes longer than anticipated, even if it looks easy.
– Don’t try out the water right after installing the new faucet and drain (let that caulk dry!)
– We like the froggy green paint tape better than the blue tape. Not sure why – seems to pull away easier. We had to pull out our tweezers with the blue tape.

Things I love:
– I absolutely love the natural light that comes through the window in our bathroom. Many might think at first that it’s awkward to have a window right in the shower, but once we put that fog in there, there’s no worries as the window goes to our back yard and the fog works well. The window shines right into our hallway and it adds a lot of natural light during the day.
– I love our choice of hooks for towels – they are all the same set from Menards and add a lot in making the bathroom feel new and fresh!
– It’s a small bathroom (which our apartment bathroom prepared us well for). Thankfully J & I don’t have to use it to often at the same time when getting ready in the morning. The color scheme of blues and grays and white really make it feel light.

Our next project was the living room! We’re still finishing up details on that so those photos to come. It’s already feeling so much more like home.


4 Replies to “{from house to home} our bathroom makeover!”

  1. Very cute! I enjoy reading about your home improvements! You are so crafty and inspire me:-) The tile in your bath is the exact same we had in our first house, funny. Have you checked out younghouselove.com yet? They have inspired me! (Although right now my Netflix binge show is Fixer Upper – I am impressed that the Gaines family has four kids and they can still do everything they do!) I hope you guys are loving the new house:-)

    1. I love fixer upper! I have not been to that website yet, but will head over now πŸ˜‰ That’s so funny about the tile – an initiation into home ownership! We have been so happy to have a home, and now for the endless projects… hope you guys are doing well! ❀

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