{from house to home} living room

The only living room before photo. I always thought people planned out their “befores” for the worst possible time (at night) with bad lighting, etc. but maybe people probably take before photos at night because it’s the day they closed on their house and their first night there – haha – or at least that was our case! 

The curtains? Ew… The carpet? Ehhh… Our first thoughts upon looking at photos of our house online. When we looked at them in person however, the curtains were still a bit appalling but the carpet wasn’t so bad (you know how to judge – firm, easy to clean, not from the 70s). Faux brick? It’s actually grown on me and one of the things I love the most about this room. We are still kind of working at the “after” for this room, but the updates so far have made us feel more at home.


We used the color “brindle” (in Pittsburgh Grand Distinction). It’s super warm and as my sister-in-law’s husband (“brother in law through marriage”?) says – Earthy. We were a little bit nervous about it being too dark but with the never ending home greeting of “If you don’t like it you can change it” and us choosing a darker color based on another house we looked at and absolutely loved the living area in, we decided to go for it. We applied two layers and left the faux brick as an off white accent wall. We might give this a fresh coat as well, but we might not. Who knows? We might be sick of painting some time in the near future (but not until we finish the two bedrooms and the crown molding…and maybe the entry way, right?).

Things We Learned:
– In this room we had to chisel out and seal a few cracks on the walls, so John worked on patching those and then we got to try out for a first time a texturizer gun. That was kinda fun and we both have our different methods for applying “just the right texture” however, any difference is unnoticeable to anyone but us 🙂 I think that’s the only new thing we really tried in this room.

Things That Will be in the real “after”:
– My cousin is an electrician and is slowly going through our home updating wires, outlets, grounding, and adding outlets as needed. Our grand scheme for this room is to put in 6 recessed lights that would work on a dimmer. We definitely notice the lack of overhead lighting in here, especially when we want to read at night.
-We’d love to add a cozy little reading chair by the bookcase.
-And lastly, my big dream, I’d love to add wall to ceiling built-ins on the brick wall. The brick would show through as the background; we’d add crown molding all around edges; there would be a space for TV, cabinet for DVDs, a space for the record player, and then we’d get rid of that other bookcase by the TV and add all that to the shelves. This also is a dream coming from that same living room that we loved and chose the color from. I’m hoping we do this in the Fall.
-We’re still trying to decide on curtains / shades.
-And we’re still trying to decide on whether to keep the carpet or not. The carpet would be so much easier to keep clean with a puppy who sheds, so we might wait a couple years to do it.

Things I Love:
As mentioned above: the brick wall, love it.
The color makes it warm and cozy.
I love having our wedding canvases finally hung up.
And I love having my books out (well, most of them). After many a-year in storage, they finally have a home! Problems of book lovers.
My new plant, a philodendron, on my bookcase.



2 Replies to “{from house to home} living room”

  1. I absolutely love the paint color! And your idea for the built-ins on the brick wall is a neat one, I think that would look really cool. I love the rounded case openings for your closet and to your kitchen! Did you guys put in the crow molding yourselves or was it already there? I think that looks super nice, too. Have you checked out the blog Young House Love? They remind me of you guys.

    1. Thankfully the crown molding was already there! I have checked out Young House Love – and love it! I can spend many an internet minute on that site… would love to see photos of the ranch!! I hope we can get out to visit you guys sometime, too!

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