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Life lately has been hous-ing {the verb form of owning a home}, dreaming of real and full spring {with no dips into below freezing}, and attempts at outdoor work {like kayak storage solutions and garden bed creation}. We’ve been busy and tired and happy and good for the most part. A few weeks ago we took a mini weekend trip to Bismarck to visit some dear friends and check out their new home. They have a beautiful, old house and have many projects just like us. In our short trip there we visited the Heritage Center and also got to check out a super chic speakeasy – complete with secret passage, dark lights, notes on the menu that say “please put cell phones on vibrate and do not use flash photography”, and bartender who flip their shakes with drinks inside. John quickly decided that had our town one of these, it would be his Friday 5pm spot. I don’t blame him. The drinks were great, atmosphere relaxing, and conversation good.

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We’re hoping April brings us to a close of our “indoor” projects and that we can switch gears into the outdoors finally. Nothing gets you ready for Spring and Summer like a North Dakota Winter. I’ve been in a reading funk lately and searching for a really good read. I’ve been dabbling in Seabiscuit and Atlas Shrugged, but am open to suggestions!

Some clicks for you from around the web:

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Happy half-way through the week!


4 Replies to “{life lately}”

  1. I think you need to read The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell and TELL ME WHAT YOUR TAKE ON IT IS!! I am still baffled. I read this book ages ago but I still can’t quite figure out WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. It’s in the mood of Gone Girl and GIrl on the Train, but historical fiction.

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