{enjoying the ride} a simple take on projects

a simple take on projects

This past new year’s I decided to aim for simplicity instead of resolutions. I did a little update here at one month, and here we are almost starting month five! I sat down multiple times to write down updates but the thoughts never quite materialized. I’ve had thoughts about how focusing on simplicity has affected both my approach to finances and my approach to buying. There have been multiple times where I’ve been set to go out and spend money to get a, b, or c and then left the store empty handed simply because I knew that I hadn’t found what I would love. The determination to live simply and not be cluttered or buy recklessly has made me more conscious or intentional about my spending (and about what I keep in house). Which brings me to my next point and the point of this post: having simplicity in projects.

“The present is the point at which times touches eternity.”
C.S. Lewis

Yesterday morning before I really started the day I was thinking about my to-do list and the projects that were on it. Before even completing anything, I already had in my mind two more projects with a possible third (and fourth? how is that possible – well it’s from an idea from last year so it doesn’t count, right?). I thought to myself, “I think I have a project problem.” I’m not quite sure what it is but perhaps it’s the combination of Spring and buying a home that has me in ultra-project mode. Watching Fixer Upper (and then following Joanna Gaines’ website) does not help. ‘Look she has four kids, her own home, her own business(es), and she still does projects.

One of the things that focusing on simplicity has taught me in regards to projects is that a) even in the midst of all projects, one must live in the moment regardless if something gets finished or not; b) projects that are for beautifying your space or serving a function in your life are worth the wait; and c) part of what makes a good project ‘good’ is that it teaches you and thus makes the journey just as important as the destination.

a simple take on projects 2
The project that seems to be taking us the longest amount of time is our bedroom. But if it had been done I would never have walked into the house tonight and found the cute little painting from my hubby. A reminder to enjoy the ride. We know that our room is going to be a sanctuary for us and spending the time to get it right will pay off in the end. The fun part about this long journey to the final destination is that the time it’s taking us to finish has allowed me to get our bedroom curtains picked out so they will be ready to put up when we’re done painting; we’ve agreed on a type of plant to hang from the corner and I have the parts coming for a fun DIY planter; it allowed me to create a matching nightstand for J in the process; and lastly it’s encouraged me in another project from last year’s endeavors – turning an old door into a headboard.

Two other projects nearing completion this weekend are J’s matching desk (can you tell I like matching??) and this last minute decision to throw together a blanket ladder since we had all the parts anyway! Amazingly enough the stain in both of these projects is from the same little can – how much difference your type of wood can make! We’re putting another coat of stain on J’s desk and I plan to distress the ladder to make all the little quirks of the left over wood look normal. 🙂

Another fun part of projects and enjoying the ride, at least if you’re in a relationship, is that it makes you communicate in two awesome ways: about creativity/design desires and about functionality. Some things are meant to be only beautiful and not functional and others are meant to be only functional and not beautiful. Our projects are always a balancing act of both which makes us learn from each other and compromise. We have a few others projects in the works (as in always, always. more. projects.) and we’ll be showing those on here in the weeks to come. I’d love to hear about any projects on your plates and how you stay on track for completing what you start!


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