{Our Life with Rue} 11 months

rue 11 months 3rue 11 months 2rue 11 months

This past month Rue had her first fire and got an upgrade in kennel. During the day we keep Rue kenneled and had put her large kennel in the closet space near our front door since we don’t use the font door very often. The front of the kennel stuck out a bit so we had the idea to create a shelf/top for her kennel and slap on a gate. The result is a spacier kennel for Rue during the day and nothing that sticks out of that closet for us. We’ve been spending more and more time in our backyard, getting the garden beds ready and officially having our first fire. We’re getting a fence put up here in the next month or so and looking forward to making this property more and more our own! We’ve found hostas, sedum, and rhubarb growing and are waiting to see what else will turn up (and hoping Rue won’t dig it up. or eat it).


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