{from house to home} our bedroom


I think we only realllly need one ‘before’ photo of our bedroom. Our bedroom was the project that we wanted the most and took us the longest. We eagerly made holes / started peeling at the wallpaper as soon as we moved in, however, it was such a bigger job that we anticipated. The wallpaper in our hallway deceived us into thinking it was going to be easy since it was on over a think layer of paint. Not so with our bedroom. It was paper thin and slapped right on to the wall.



We went with a darker gray than I thought we would, which was J’s idea and which has turned out pretty cozy. One weekend when we were trudging away with the wallpaper we decided to take the carpet off instead because we were sick of making no progress with the paper. The carpet rolled off beautifully and we only had to remove tack board with nails from around the edges of the room and give it a good wash. We both love the wood floors and only have one side where there are some gaps near the wall that need to be fixed.

With the wallpaper we tried everything. Little holes and this gel stuff. Water and scraper. Steamer. In the end we peeled the edges that we could and applied a spray texture over the wall, doing heavier coats where we had messed with the wallpaper too much. We are very happy with the results and while we know the imperfections well, they really aren’t that noticeable. My cousin is still working on adding a couple outlets which will be nice.

During the process a friend of ours shared the idea of keeping a piece of the wallpaper to frame, and I added the carpet piece as well to shadow frames to remind us of all the work we put into the now-cozy room. The framed mirror is a treasure from my Grandma’s basement and the hanging plant was a very easy DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I found the curtains at a reasonable price at TJMaxx, along with the dark sheets. Though you can’t see it in the photos, the light was replaced with a light from Menards. And here we are!

Things We Learned:
– That wallpaper really really stinks to take off.
– That extra communication about “where we’re at in the project” should take place in order to not paint or texture where the wall is not ready ๐Ÿ™‚ We had our fair share of “back and forth’s” since we were each taking care of different steps in the project.
– I learned a lot about using a spray texture – I did most of the texturing and it was kinda fun to become a mini-Master at this.

Things I Love:
– After we moved in, I built J a matching night stand. They are a bit of rustic + a bit of industrial &ย I love the minimalistic feel to them. I had built the stand as a cookbook stand for a little nook in our apartment, but after we moved in I no longer needed it for that purpose. It makes the perfect little nightstand &ย I love that we have the matching stands.
– I love the hanging plant. I don’t know why but it was something I dreamed about while we were trying to finished the project and I love how it turned out. The bowl is a serving bowl from Target and I got the chain from Lowe’s. A quick drill later and some assembling with hooks and chain, and here we are!
– I love the curtains! In our old room we had a really nice light blocking curtain that kept our room pretty dark. These curtains let in a lot of light, even with the shades down so eventually I might find something to layer behind them, but for now we’re calling it good.

I thinkย completing this project has made us really feel like this place is ours. We have ideas for our extra room and our basement room, and I’m still dreaming (always) about built-ins in the living room, but for now we’re calling it good with no major projects on the horizon! Summer is here and with our fence being completed in the next week or so we are ready to spend our time outside in our yard or out on our boat!


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