{becoming fishermen}


The Bad Year of the Boat
Sand Barred
Bent Propeller
Bad Motor
Non-working New Motor
No Controls
Bad Fuel Line Connection
Downstream Without Motor
Pulling Our Boat Along the Riverside by Hand & Back Onto our Trailer
Rain Storms To End our Trips

On one of our recent trips, that ended with a non-working motor, we commented on how great our summer was last year with the boat and how grateful we are that it was great, because we wouldn’t been able to handle all the problems we’ve had this year last year. With a year of marriage, couple finances, and living-together-experience, we now face our ongoing boat dilemma as one big adventure wherein we’re lucky if we make it back to the trailer.Β The more J and I fish and take our boat out, the more I realize that the true secret to being a fisherman is being patient.

A gentleman in his 50s recently helped us as we had to pull our boat onto our trailer by hand and as we tried over and over to get it set right on the rollers his response was, “I’m old, I’ve got all the patience in the world. Let’s do it again.” He also gave us tips on trailer use and all with a smile as he waited to take his boat on and bad weather rolled in. Right around here is where I decided the importance of always carrying a 6-pack in the trunk for any random, kind stranger who may help along the way.

As we retell our stories to my grandparents, who are true fishermen, they laugh at us and then share their stories from when they were younger. I think the sign of real fishermen isn’t the size of the fish but the ability to weather all that can happen when out on the water, in good spirit and with resolve to go out again.

made it home
“nothing a little whiskey can’t fix” and “thanks for being my adventuring pal” – J


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