From Hands to Heart


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here, partially due to an eternal back and forth between using a blog and making an effort in real life and struggles to not find them mutually exclusive (does anyone else who has a blog think randomly throughout the day, “is this for the blog or me?”). Onward we go…

If you are an ‘avid’ follower of this little place, you’ll notice the change in format as well as tagline. Not just ‘from hands to heart’ but ‘crafting a life with meaning and adventure’ now as well. Since I last wrote, I’ve thought a lot about changing blogs (true to form with about 59 new blog names that sound great) but have finally decided to stay with From Hands to Heart.

What does ‘From Hands to Heart’ mean anyway? For me, it’s always meant that the actions that fill our lives are deeply connected to our hearts, the core of who we are; it means that we can actually do things that change us inside. For me, it’s a challenge to live a life where my heart and my hands are in alignment – spending time on what matters to me, loving those in my life outwardly, and working towards a good life.

“Crafting a life with meaning and adventure”…Recently my sister-in-law and I were texting about the meaning of life (yes, we text on our lunch breaks and yes, it is usually about the deep questions that infiltrate daily living). Since then it has made me pause to reflect on some of the tensions we find in our culture:

  • The ease with which one can appear perfect online compared to messy real life
  • The inclination to share things online, even at the cost of sharing them personally
  • How can we really use social media for the good?
  • Is it possible to have an ‘online presence’ without just comparing to each other?

Ultimately, I think the internet is here to stay so the task of using it well is an ever-present one. Time and again, I have been encouraged by people in the ‘void’ who have shared their thoughts, their dreams, their inspiration and then challenged me to live it, not just ‘follow’ it online.

Here at From Hands to Heart, I hope it becomes a place of encouragement and inspiration for those trying to craft a life of meaning and adventure; not just in the niche-blog all-or-nothing way, but where it really counts: in the simple, everyday living.

Thanks for stopping by, or continuing to follow after such a long hiatus! I hope to hear your thoughts in the comments on posts to come and not take up too much of your time here.



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