{my life outdoors}


I am a far cry from an outdoorsy-niche blog, but I can’t deny the role it plays in my life and what the great outdoors can offer for those willing to explore. Summers are short here in the Midwest and each year as winter yields to spring, I find myself making the same resolution:

Spend more time outside than inside.

There are certain freedoms that come with making resolutions that can’t be measured and while I know my time inside is greater than that outside, simply for the fact that I sleep indoors and work indoors, it’s a good reminder to spend my time well and make use of the free hours available during the weeks and weekends!

Each year summer flies by (I can’t believe it’s already the end of July!) and while usually I save all my introspection and reflections for seasons like fall and winter, this season has been challenging me to grow and the great outdoors definitely has its role in it.

wonder /wunder/ n. 1. emotion excited by what is unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. 2. strange or remarkable person or thing, specimen, event, etc. v. 3. desire or be curious to know.

Seemingly simple, spending time outside – whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, running or a bon fire – provokes in me a sense of wonder, an emotion caused by something unfamiliar or inexplicable; a curiosity to know. It allows me to question {nature} without need for answers and it invites me to slow my hustle.

This general wonderment gives way to other experiences along the way…experiences that change. A sense of smallness. A realization that you are not the center of the world. To be tossed about by the change of wind on a boat…to see how fast a sunny day can turn to storm…to experience and to not be in control…to see how beautiful order is and how vast are the details of nature. These are the reasons for ‘my life outdoors’ despite mosquito bites and wood ticks. Humidity and chills. Running out of gas and getting stranded. Getting lost. Etc. My life outdoors helps me to live better indoors. It helps me to remember my place, accept failure and defeat, laugh when the jokes on me, and to ask questions.

It’s easy nowadays to get caught up in virtual reality – in the all or nothing, go big or go home attitude where if you want a life outdoors it has to look a certain way (mountains, ocean, desert) or be a certain lifestyle (life out of a van/sprinter/camper) but it doesn’t. Part of the beauty of internet is that you can connect with people and just like that, you have a front seat to their journey. I think it’s worth remembering that we each have our own path, our own journey, our own life outdoors – and it’s what we make of it each day. If you need a little encouragement, here it is! Your life doesn’t have to measure up to perfect pictures or blogs, a friend’s life or a famous person’s life. The only thing you have to measure it up against is your dreams, your decisions, your choices.



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