{don’t rush} our home is eternity.


“Every future benefit takes a present cost.”

These words were uttered by our ‘finance guy’ whom we meet with periodically. An effective phrase for a finance man, I imagine, the words have been bouncing around in my head for the value that they hold, for finances and beyond. From finances to work, from a creative life to working out, every future benefit requires a present cost. And the inverse could be said as well, every present sacrifices leads to a future good.

Why rush it? {don’t rush. our home is eternity.}

We have fast food and delivery. We have drive-thrus and amazon 2 day shipping (which I love). We have immediacy and instant gratification in many facets of life. It’s easy to apply this consumerist/disposable/replaceable approach to our individual lives – to our personalities, our hobbies, our fitness, our health, to our weaknesses and our strengths and so on. We rush from home to work and back again; we rush through workouts to make sure we have the most time after; we rush through cleaning and household tasks (seeming inconveniences).

Why rush it? {don’t rush. our home is eternity.}

What if all these moments we rush through are really where it is at? What if they are where peace, contentment, satisfaction reside? What if by not rushing our lives became more enjoyable? What if we stopped rushing and errands and menial tasks weren’t such inconveniences? What if in difficult times or hard conversations we remembered the future good that was coming from the current cost? The bonds that form from honest connection and growth…the character and integrity forged from trying circumstances…patience, patience, patience…what if these are all hiding in the rush? What if the growth we desire is sitting at our doorstep waiting for us?

Why rush it? {don’t rush. our home is eternity.}



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