{of company & comfort}

of comfort and company

Lately a common theme is running through some of the blog posts and articles I’ve found: the idea of community. Dinner clubs or monthly spaghetti night. Making meals together. Weekly dinner with friends or family. Community – not the one you live in, but the one you invite in – into your home, into your life, into your routine, so to speak.

I found myself reading about it, in different ways, and then desiring it.

Why can’t X-girlfriend-who-lives-1500-miles-away live here so we can do that?
Why can’t my sister-in-law live 20 minutes away instead of an hour 20?
Why can’t all my siblings live here?

And so on until I’ve led myself back to my own little corner by myself.

But what if instead of “why can’t’s”, instead of wishing for what you want, why not add to what you have?

Introverted being that I am, that we are, time is gold. I could spend weeks to and fro work, home, groceries, completely satisfied in not crossing paths with others. Yet, this desire of company and comfort in the form of shared food is there, in me. And in me, it must be worked for to share with others.

To not just say, “Today doesn’t work” but “How about Wednesday instead?”

To invite those far away to come for a weekend instead of wish they lived closer…

To share food and time with others after surgery, or harvest, or any other life event really. Instead of waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to form the perfect dinner club, composed of people in my mind, to accept and enjoy giving my company and comfort to those I know here and now. To my family here, to the friends I know, even if they aren’t ‘that’ person.

There’s a bond that’s built where food is shared – not just the sharing of something frivolous or entertaining, but in sharing in an act we all participate in daily, an essential act – eating – and a lifeline – food – that nourishes and sustains us. To let others into our days by sharing. To slowing down to make food, to eat together, to share.

“Crafting a life with meaning and adventure…” around here, from hands to heart, comes with effort, from the comfort of food, the company of others, and starting new daily to carve out the essential and leave behind all else.

How do you make time to spend with others? And just as important, what are your go-to recipes to share with others?


2 Replies to “{of company & comfort}”

  1. I think it is very well said!! DOING rather than dreaming. ACTING rather than just hoping. I find I have to get myself OUT of my comfort zone to build that INTENTIONAL community, and it is ALWAYS so worth it in the end!! And just be be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with wishing “girlfriend X” could love closer. 😉 Thanks for writing this and for your encouragement!!! Happy Fall! 🎊🎉

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