{things to remember}


a beautiful sunny day…highs in the 30s after a long run of bitter cold…an invitation to do something new, “maybe we can go cross country skiing?”

a thought. brief though it be – “but so many things to do on the lists i make for myself in my head” followed by a stronger, briefer thought – “these are the moments of life.”

a yes.

a beautiful day, only one fall (mine). enjoying each other’s company. a photo with a beautiful sky. us, small. the world, big. the way life is supposed to be. months pass. i still can’t put into words what this day did for me on the inside. a new experience? the perfect reprieve from cold weather? fresh air? all of the above? who knows.

the photo sits, framed. on a handmade shelf. a gentle reminder of a life giving day. the importance of taking time to see. to enjoy. to breathe in, deeply, in this one life we have.


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